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Peanut Butter – It’s Not Just for Sandwiches. Saddlemen Solo Seat Install

Trigger gets a new saddle courtesy of Saddlemen.  For various reasons I choose to go with a solo saddle, and after much deliberation went with the Saddlemen Renegade SaddleHyde Solo Seat w/o studs (0802-0291).  I went with this one for two main reasons: Made in the USA and SaddleGel.  The installation is as simple as it gets: remove old, install new.  Specifically with the Harley-Davidson Night Train (Trigger), and most Harleys, a few steps were left out.  Nothing major, just removing the the clear protective sticker and relocating the seat retaining nut.

First the clear protective sticker, it peels right off.  Depending on your luck you will have either a little or a lot of left over adhesive on your fender.  There are adhesive removers out there, but for the amount that is left I can’t justify buying even a small tube.  Plus I did have the unfortunate event where the adhesive remover also removed the paint.  An old school alternative? Peanut butter.  Regular works best, but reduced fat will do.  Smooth by the way, just in case that was evident.  I only needed about half a teaspoon.  Smear it on the adhesive residue.  Using shop towels or heavy duty paper towels, rub in a circular motion.  You will see the PB clinging onto the adhesive, the remove it.  Repeat until the adhesive is gone.  For cleanup I used the S1oo spray cleaner and H-D Denim Polish.

Second, changing the location of the retaining nut.  Some of you may be able to squeeze your arm in between the rear fender and the tire in order to feed the nut up through the new hole.  Or I guess you could try jacking the bike up so there is no pressure on the rear, or even removing the tire.  My suggestion, a small square of double sided tape on the end of a medium length pry bar.  Line the notch on the nut up so it is in the middle of the bar facing the handle.  Enter the pry from the back of the bike.  The bob-tailed fender allows for easy access.  Push the nut through and place on the plastic clip.  Done!  There is a small cover with the H-D bar and shield logo that would have been in the front location, save it and use it for the rear location.  This will give you a nice clean finished look as you can see in the photos below.

Now use the left over PB to make yourself a sandwich.

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  1. Easy instal, great peanut butter work around! Thanks you for the advice.

    January 14, 2013 at 7:18 am

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